Technical installations

Sufficient fresh air is important for a pleasant living climate, but the cold must be kept out. A well-insulated and airtight building is important, but sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. These are largely dependent on the chosen technical installations. The field is constantly evolving and every plan has its challenges.

Good and integral collaboration can make a positive contribution to this.

Close collaboration helps us develop simple solutions to even the most complex problem; not every issue requires a high tech solution, some times less really is more.

Ulehake starts with the basics. We first concentrate on the physical design of a sustainable and energy-efficient building and then we look at what in addition is required. We stand for a clear concept and independent and down-to-earth advice. We are happy to be involved in a project, from the first sketches to the commissioning.

Work in the field of technical installations:

  • sustainable installation concepts
  • engineering installations
  • electrical installations
  • supervision
  • management