Building Physics

The laws and regulations in the field of construction are very strict. Compliance is important for safeguarding (fire) safety, the environment and sustainability. Changes follow each other faster and faster and if you are not dealing with this on a regular basis it can be hard to remain up to date. Together we work with you to determine the exact requirements and how best to comply. We can also help you apply for or renew required (environmental) permits and with the setting up of (environmental) management systems. We are able to carry out these activities and can advise you on the actions needed to allow us to apply for or renew an environmental permit on your behalf.

In addition to the legal requirements, Ulehake is happy to advise you on the other important aspects; comfort, noise, temperature and light (including sun and shade).

Sustainability applies not only to new constructions but is also applicable to existing buildings and re-functioning of buildings. By going further in to the building plans than the minimum applicable requirements required by the Dutch Building Code, you are better prepared for future developments.

Our activities include: developing, visualizing, drawing (e.g. Revit), digitizing, drafting specifications (including STABU specifications), designing, measuring, controlling, providing descriptions, budgeting and calculations.